Away Days: Bootham Crescent

Last updated : 03 February 2003 By Iron-Bru @ Bootham Crescent
How many Iron fans were there today?

Officially 841, but I would have said more like 550.

And what was the atmosphere like among the 550?

Not very good for an away game, not as loud as usual.

What about the YCFC stewards, what was their attitude like?

Only saw one, who didn't move a muscle all game. More cops than stewards who kept themselves to themselves.

What do you think to Bootham Crescent?

Bit of a dive, but good enough view from the away end. Shame there is no roof on it though. The food was a rip-off though, conning cunts! £3.10 for chips and peas and 65p for a Yorkie.

Should we have had a penalty just before the one we were given?

Dead cert, why would Torps dive seven yards out when one-on-one with the 'keeper?

What did you make of Carruthers' goal then?

Screamer! Didn't think he could kick it so hard with his left foot as he usually passes from that position. Our best goal of the season so far.

Should Lee Featherstone have been sent off?

Hard to say really from where we were, it just looked like a 50/50 tangle - nothing serious. Don't know how the ref could tell as he was a good 50 yards away.

Sticking with the referee, what did you think to the officials throughout the game?

Awful ref, he booked fair tackles and ignored the glaring ones. He even went over to his lino to make a decision for him when he hadn't even flagged to indicate a foul!

How do you think York City will fare this season, based on today's performance?

They won't get into the playoffs unless they get a good forward in quickly. They have one or two good players but i'd say they will end up around 14th.

And finally.... after today's performance are you confident going into Saturday's game against Leeds?

Yeah, we're going into it on the back of two good wins and I can't seee why we won't give them a run for their money.

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