Away Days: Memorial Ground

Last updated : 25 January 2003 By Luke Thornhill
How many Iron fans were there?

About 199.

And what was the atmosphere like?

Subdued as we have been since the Leeds game, although the Memorial Ground is not easy for the away fans to make any noise.

So, what do you think to the ground?

Three decent areas for the home fans, two stands and a reasonable sized covered terrace. Thre is a `temporary` stand at one end for home fans aka. Barnet but with some windbreaker type covering.
Away fans are at one end of one of the sides. No seating, open terace and the wind always blows - not a brilliant view either. The Cornish Pasties were recommended although I didn't partake myself, they did look well filled though.

What did you think to Ghandi's goal? Was it deserved?

Thoroughly deserved on the balance of play. Came from a mistake by one of their defenders but Ghandi was there as always chasing a lost cause and got his reward. He finished very confidently and with much aplomb.

How bad was the defending leading upto their equaliser?

Yeah pretty bad, a poor clearance out of the box i think by Wayne Graves. The ball was played wide where neither Andy Dawson or Lee Ridley were on hand to put pressure on the cross. Guy in the middle had all the time he wanted to turn and smash it in. A very well taken goal, but where were we?

Do you think they should have won the free-kick that lead to their winner?

No way. Wayne Graves was hauled to the ground on the edge of the box as he was trying to clear the ball. The referee has allegedly played advantage but we never had the ball again! Cliff bryne has dived in and just missed the ball. It was definately a foul by Cliff but the whistle should have already gone in our favout. It was a great finish from the free-kick, Tommy had no real chance with either goal.

Was Wayne Graves stupid for picking up a second booking for dissent, or do you think he was unlucky given the context of his complaints?

Both! His complaints were thoroughly justified but referees don't chance decisions and in any case it was a long time after the incident (as Stanton's was at home). If he swore at the referee then he deserves everything that Laws punishes him with. If he didn't swear then the players need guidelines as to what you can and cannot say to referees. Goes back to the old chesnut of consistency.

What did you think to the refereeing performance?

I don't like referees. What normal human being volunteers to have abuse hurled at them? Graves first booking was for his first foul and a bit harsh, and Tait got away with some physical challenges. The lino flagging their attack in the first half was more amusing, he was getting loads of stick from the home fans and then went and dropped his flag.

I've seen much worse though.

And finally, how do you think Rovers will fare over the season based on today's game?

They won't pull up any trees but i don't think they'll go down. The crowd never got on their backs which helped. They looked pretty good going forward when they had the ball, but were a bit dodhy at the back. I would say they'll pull away from the relegation battle but will still finish about 17th.

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