Garcia Day: The Countdown

Last updated : 17 April 2002 By Luke Thornhill
By five O'Clock on Saturday the season could be over for us, but that is no excuse not to turn out and support the lads for the final push - and if we all keep our fingers, toes and other body parts crossed we could still have three more games to play.

In order to help Saturday go with a carnival atmosphere we helped launch Garcia Day, by encouraging fans to dress up in Spanish Gear and even chant Spanish songs we hope to encourage a small miracle.

Later in the week we'll be printing Spanish versions of popular terrace chants including `Scunthorpe till I die`, we will also be printing the words in Iron-Bru Four, which should be on sale ahead of the game - we ask fans to either print off our page or buy a copy and help the day go along with a bang.

The player himself has welcomed the proposals, and as the club ask us to get behind them lets do it in a unique way - and let the club know how we'd react if the legendary player was forced to leave this summer.