Ticket forgery attempts were inadequate

Last updated : 09 January 2003 By Luke Thornhill
30 fans with fake tickets were not allowed access to Glanford Park on Saturday, after black market tickets were offered around Scunthorpe for a tenner prior to the game.

This follows fake vouchers being offered for sale at a quid each, as we have previously reported.

The club promised to investigate our claims fully, and have now admitted that forged vouchers were used to purchase tickets before the went on general sale.

"To their shame hundreds of fans used the forged vouchers to claim their tickets beforehand," said the Iron's chief executive Don Rowing.

The attempts to forge the actual tickets however were less successful, and the club have branded the attempts as amateurish.

"The tickets had obviously been scanned on a home computer.," said rowing

"But the forgers had overlooked one detail - the security coding in the ticket."

Despite this Mr Rowing believes that the vast majority of fans who were at Saturday's game were genuine football fans.