United will face FA Rap over Plymouth bookings

Last updated : 23 January 2002 By Luke Thornhill
Despite having one of the best disciplinary records in the division, with not a single red card shown to any Iron players all season, United will be hauled up in front of the Football Association.

Six players received bookings, whilst match referee Mick Fletcher says he will be reporting manager Brian Laws after he expressed the opinion that the man in the middle had refereed the match poorly.

It seems like United have quite a strong case in their defence, as the officials did have an astonishingly bad game including ruling Martin Carruthers offside when it was impossible for him to be (the ball was hit into his path by a defender.)

Booking no.1 - Tommy Evans

Lee Hodges (the Argyle one) went down in the box under pressure from 'keeper Evans, despite Tommy apparently pulling out the ref awarded a penalty which turned the game and showed Evans the yellow card.

Despite protests from Iron players, the ref refused point blank to consult his assistant referee on the decision.

After the match Tommy claimed it shouldn't have been a penalty saying, "I deliberately did not go for the ball, he must have been half a yard away from me.

"I sensed he was beginning to go down, and I was nowhere near him.

"We wanted the referee to consult his linesman because we felt he was a lot closer at the time, but the referee didn't seem to want to go over and see what the linesman had to say."

Booking no.2 - Nathan Stanton

Argyle player put in an oscar winning performance whislt on the deck.

Booking no.3 - Steve Torpey

Booked for a foul.

Booking no.4 - Wayne Graves

A challenge from Wooton in the penalty area won the ball but also brought down Graves, who didn't appeal. Some other United players however did half-heartedly appeal, and the ref then decided to laughably book Graves for diving.

Booking no.5 - Peter Beagrie

Booked after bringing down David Friio. Deserved yellow.

Booking no.6 - Stuart Thom

Thom was actually quite lucky to stay on the pitch after bringing a Argyle forward down on the break. Another deserved yellow.

Brian Laws

We'll let Lawsy speak for himself, "I went up to the referee to shake his hand and tell him In thought he had a bad game.

"He told me to keep my opinions to myself.

"I told him that was my opinion and surely I was entitled to it.

"I was very calm, I was not aggresive towards him and I did not use any foul or abusive language.

"There were plenty of people around to witness that, but the referee said he is going to report me.

"Everyone makes mistakes and has a bad game and I thought he had one last night."

And so to conclude, whilst three bookings was fair enough the referee was incredibly wrong on the other three decisions. If United face an FA enquiry, then the abysmal refereeing performance should also attract just attention.