Molby - We couldn't compete

Last updated : 30 June 2002 By Luke Thornhill

We don't like to gloat, but feel a journalistic need to inform you all of how badly our inferior cousins across the water are playing at the moment.

"I knew that not was all well but I didn't think it was as bad as our performance showed today," said Molby after the match.

"There weren't any positives and all aspects of our play simply weren't good enough.

"You look at it and ask the question what did we do well - did we defend well? You'd have to say no. Did we compete well? Again, the answer is no. Did our fitness stand up to the pace of the game? Most definitely not. It was all very poor.

"It's difficult for me to know why there wasn't any real enthusiasm because I only know the players as that, rather than as people.

"It was lacklustre and we were flat. Okay, we started brightly and had the Richard Sneekes free-kick and a header cleared off the line, but that isn't enough in a home game.

"There was no desire and nobody took any responsibility for delivering crosses or having shots. And most definitely, nobody apart from Gary Alexander looked like scoring."

He did go on to say he felt he could turn their fortunes around, but in all fairness my four year old Border Collie could probably improve on their current performances.

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