Mudrats ban newspaper, no reason

Last updated : 07 January 2003 By Luke Thornhill

Mudrats forward Stuart Elliott spoke to the paper in a story that was published yesterday, he spoke about his strong religous beliefs and how it helped him find a career in football.

When Mudrat chairman Adam Pearson found out about the interview on Friday afternoon he decided to ban John Fieldmouse, the HDM's chief football writer, from the press box at the Kingston Communication's Circle.

He turned up regardless, and was barred from entering so he promptly paid at the turnstiles and watched the match under close scrutiny of the matchday stewards.

"I had to cover the entire match on a borrowed portable phone and with various notebooks, programmes and team-sheets balanced on my knee," said Fieldmouse.

"At half-time, I was closely watched as I headed for the toilets and then stewards made sure I had re-occupied the same seat in the West Stand for the second half. It was like being in a prison camp."

Hull City have not yet commented on the incident.