Pete Morrison interview: Even now I get pain

IB: Can you guide us through what you went through after you sustained your injury. In regard to operations, various set backs etc.

PM: First of all I didn't realise it was as serious as I later found out. I kept thinking I would be back in no time but little did I know that the bone still hasn't healed fully even up to today.

IB: Do you still feel pain when walking/running as a result of the injury?

PM: Yeah, even now I still get pain or aching if i stand up for too long or do any sort of physical activity for too long.

IB: When did you realise you’d have to retire as a Professional footballer?

PM: Well to be honest I never had any intention of retiring at all and never really thought about it, nor did Nigel (Adkins) or my family. I went to see the top specialist in the country. He treated David Beckham before the World Cup and it was him who advised me that i wouldn't be able to get back to the required standard.

IB: Were yourself and Nigel Adkins surprised by the news?

PM: A little because all I've ever wanted to do is play football and for someone to tell you that what you've dreamed of from being a young boy was all over, as you can imagine it was a little hard to take and in all honesty the whole situation is only just beginning to dawn on me

IB: When you were forced to retire, suggested the club arrange a benefit game, possibly against Bolton Wanderers, was there ever any suggestion within the club of such a game taking place?

PM: As far as I know no mention was made what so ever, which I wasn't really very pleased about as the club had told Nigel Pepper he could have one. So draw your own conclusions from that.

IB: Have you spoken to Ben Chapman at any time since the tackle?

PM: Not at all.

IB: Has Ben Chapman ever made an apology to either you personally or through someone else?

PM: No, neither.

IB: Do you think Chapman will ever apologise? If he were to do so, would you thank him for doing so?

PM: No because I believe there was an element of intent in the tackle. I wouldn't accept his apology now, it has been too long and it would only be because someone had advised him to say it.

IB: Are you pursuing legal action against Ben Chapman?

PM: Yes.

IB: Can you tell us what you on?

PM: I've been advised not to comment on things to do with the case and leave it in the hands of my solicitor.

IB: Are SUFC supporting you in your bid to take legal action against Chapman in any way, or have all official ties with SUFC now been cut?

PM: Yes they support my action. They are providing statements for my case.

IB: Do you still keep in touch with anyone at SUFC?

PM: I still keep in touch with Nathan Stanton, Paul Wheatcroft, Jamie McCombe, Andy Dawson and Russ Wilcox every now and again.

IB: What persuaded you to sign for Scunthorpe United?

PM: Just the ambition of the club at the time. I was told if we didn't get promotion Brian (Laws) would resign, but that never happened. Also I played two reserve games and the fans were great, they all asked me to sign so that convinced me.

IB: Given all the bad luck you had, in hindsight do you wish you had never signed for Scunthorpe?

PM: That is a hard question. Obviously if someone would have told me that I was going to get injured and have to retire, I wouldn't have signed but I really enjoyed my time at Scunthorpe and as I am a Man City fan I know what fans expect of the players and even if it never appeared so, I always gave 100 per cent.

IB: When Gareth Sheldon left the club, he admitted he never got on with Brian Laws and he felt the club had treated him badly, do you feel the club did every thing they could for you. Also did you get on with Brian Laws?

PM: I didn't really get on with him, no, but its a well known fact in football that not many people do get on with him. I think the club could have done more for me but unfortunately they didn't.

IB: What have you been doing since you retired as a player?

PM: I have started work for an agent, we look after a lot of high profile players and managers such as Eidur Gudjonsen, Gudni Berggson, Colin Todd, Bolo Zenden etc. I also look for a lot of young players, the next Ryan Giggs and so on.

IB: How did you become involved with the agency?

PM: The agent used to represent me and Colin Todd, who signed me at Bolton, both said they would do their best to help me when I had to retire and they have done.

IB: What does an agent do on a day to day basis?

PM: Negotiate contracts, find players for clubs, arrange boot deals for players and find players who we think can make it professional.

IB: Do you think your time as a player helps you as an agent because you went through the same things as the young boys you are trying to sign up are?

PM: Definitely, I make sure every contract we negotiate has an insurance clause so in the event of a situation the same as mine he would still be financially secure outside of football. I also know what they go through on a day to day basis.

IB: If you could represent any one player at Scunthorpe United, based on who you think has the most promising future in football, who would it be and why?

PM: Jamie McCombe. He has all the qualities of a player who could play at a higher level, but sooner or later the potential he has has got to turn into talent and if he gets his attitude right he could be a top player.

IB: Have you seen any of United’s games this season?

PM: I went to see them away at Preston in the Worthington Cup. I was quite impressed

IB: Having seen the Iron in action this season, do you think they will win promotion?

PM: If they play like they did at Preston then they have a great chance but if they don't go up I think it could be time for a change in certain managerial positions.