Chairman open to Trust on Iron board

Last updated : 04 September 2012 By Iron-Bru

The Iron Trust, who now have 77 members after launching little over a month ago, aim to improve communication between the club and fans.

The football club have agreed to quarterly meetings between the SUFC and Trust boards, and to provide free use of Glanford Park's facilities for Trust events.

Members of the Trust’s interim board met with Wharton and general manager David Beeby to discuss ways the boards of the Trust to discuss the long-term future of the club.

Wharton confirmed he looked forward to the day when the Trust had a representative on the board of directors.

“I like the concept of the Trust. I have always wanted more involvement from supporters,” said Wharton.

“The club is the fans: they are the heart of the club. I am 100 per cent behind involving the Trust in the club.

“The Trust is a good way of having a dialogue with fans and I want the Trust to be involved in the decision-making process at the club.”

The Trust will hold a fund-raising event at Glanford Park in September, as the final part of their launch process which began with a presence at the club’s open day at the end of July.

“The members of the Trust’s interim board who attended the meeting were very pleased with its outcome, as it is clear Mr Wharton welcomes the increased fan involvement provided by the Trust,” said John Needham, secretary of the Trust’s interim board.

“We look forward to developing the relationship between the Trust and Scunthorpe United over the coming months, strengthening the role of fans at the club.”

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