"No way you can play any worse than that"

Last updated : 14 April 2002 By Luke Thornhill
Speaking in the post-match press conference Laws stated that he was, "very disappointed."

"It has been a disappointing afternoon, especially the first half where it has been the worst performance all season.

Iron fans struggle to stay awake...
"They just looked like lost souls out there, and needed some arms round them at half time.

"As i said from my point of view very, very disappointing."

United came in at half-time a goal down, after Ian Clark was felled by Tommy Evans in the area for a penalty, which he duly dispatched himself.

"I said to the players there is no way you can play any worse than that," said Laws, "we can retrieve it, go out there be positive make strong decisions and lets be motivated to give it a really good go.

"I felt in the first 20 mins of second half we were all over them, but it didn't happen for us today and obviously there second goal really hurt because it killed us off.

"At the end of the day we didn't produce the goods today, we did not produce.
"You can't defend like we did today, the penalty was a penalty. There's no doubt about it.

"He should have stayed on his feet and martialled it out.

"The second one, Vaughan has gone across, is in control of the situation and it's gone under his foot and he's made a hash of it."

With today's defeat our playoff aspirations seem to have gone out of the window, but with an outside chance of getting back into the top seven - if Shrewsbury and Hartlepool get nervous as we did today, a win against York City next week is vital.

"Well the one thing it is is very very slim," conceded Lawsy, "we said last week it's in our hands, sweaty hands at that.

"We're looking at others teams to give us a lift, we've got to go and try to win against York."

The supporters still have a large part to play feels Laws, who admitted the loss has cut deep.

"We've all got to join in together to try and lift the players spirits," he said.

"I've never felt so dejected in all my life, I've got some soul searching over the weekend and so have some of the players.

"it has to be three points, nothing less will do."