Ticket information for Leeds game

Last updated : 25 December 2002 By Luke Thornhill
Vouchers were issued to fans at the league game against Bury, and people with these tickets as well as season ticket holders will get priority when tickets first go on sale on Dec 30th.

Tickets will go on general sale from Jan 02nd, and Rowing estimates that upto four thousand tickets will be available from this date.

Two thousand tickets will be sent to Leeds United.

The club will receive £30K in prize money for reaching the third round, while another £40K is guarenteed as the match will be featured on BBC's Match Of The Day programme.

Over the past week and a half everyone connected with United have tried not to tempt fate, but now we can start looking forward to a prestigious day in the national spotlight.

"They're having a difficult time, and hopefully the media will instensify it so much that it will bring Leeds United down to our level and give us a chance," said Iron manager Brian Laws tonight.

"It will be a fabulous spectacle for our supporters, this is what they have been dreaming of."